As CEO of Celestial Bodiez, Inventor of #Bootyscrunch, former WWE Divas Champion and the Chuck Norris of fitness (self proclaimed…clearly) She is slowly but surely working her way to becoming iconic enough to be known as just “Celeste”. (make sure you sensually whisper it when you say it). Ya know, like Cher or Sting or Rikishi …except more plaid, bigger quads and like being really really good at saying inappropriate things at the wrong time.

Celeste grew up playing Soccer and Running track. She then turned to fitness competitions as a teenager. Through hard work and dedication blah blah blaaaah then she landed a spot on as a Diva on the WWE roster. She had a short but sweet run spanning 3.5 years, became Champion, made some history, broke some faces (including her own…like more than a few times) and decided it was time for her to move on to the next chapter of her life.


After apparently realizing that she may or may not actually be a Disney princess, she retired from pro wrestling and focused her efforts into passionately creating her brand. Celestial Bodiez was born from a vision and was conceived in a spare bedroom of her house. The concept of the #Bootyscrunch leggings is based on a method that was used to sew Celeste’s wrestling outfits to be more flattering and form fitting for the booty. She thought, “why is no one doing this in active wear?”


After dozens of prototypes, eating her feelings and much self doubt, The #Bootyscrunch seam was finally perfected. Since the beginning, Celeste has changed and modified the design since the launch and continues to strive for the perfect fit.

Celeste creates all the custom, signature designs herself. Celestial Bodiez is for anyone who likes to feel good about themselves and their body. This is the Era of the Booty. Join the movement. BE A FUCKING UNICORN. Celestial Bodiez is for bodies out of this world!

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