By Danny Martinez | @dj_summers91

Hey CB fam, it's pride month which means the queer community is at their strongest. While yes, pride is mostly associated with rainbows it's much more than that.

I've been an openly gay man for the last 15 years. I came out at 13 by being practically forced out of the closet, that first year of junior high was rough due to bullying for being the only openly gay person in the school. I tried to commit suicide, thankfully i failed. The next year, I surrounded myself with a group that accepted me and every thing got easier.

My family and I moved to Minnesota, after i graduated Junior High and thankfully the high school I attended had a much more welcoming feel when I came out the second time. I worked with teachers to try and make a gay/straight alliance after school group but alas it never got off the ground. In recent years, I've lost contact with my blood family on my mom's side because even though they said they accepted my lifestyle they would say back handed comments like "can't you tone down your flamboyance?" "well you can't act shocked when being called a fag when you act the way you do."

I became a professional wrestler at age 24 and that's where I really grew into myself both in and out of the ring. I stopped giving a flying fuck what other people thought of me, it takes guts to even step into the ring but you have to have a huge set of balls to be an openly flamboyant gay man in an ultra masculine sport.

While I am not the first openly gay man to be a professional wrestler, it doesn't mean they're still isn't homophobia within the biz. I knew I had a lot to prove, so instead of saying "woe is me" I said "bitches, try me." I made sure to work harder than everyone else, never complained that a move hurt, and made sure my gear looked like a superstar. Instead of thinking my sexuality would hinder me, I knew it would make me a low key superhero.

Pride to me means more than just wearing rainbows, or being a fierce fem super queen. I'm not proud that I am gay,  I was born this way.  I am proud that I can look in the mirror and love myself. I am proud, I am comfortable enough in my skin to be gender fluid. I am proud that despite the world trying to break me, I have turned into the best version of myself.

Yes, being apart of the queer community is rough at times but we get to choose our family, we get to live a life being our authentic self, and we get to feel that sense of pride when we accomplish whatever the fuck it is we want!

If you like to support Pride 2019, Danny has recommended donations to:

The Trevor Project


Howard Brown Health